slow burn


September 24,2018

简单狂野:一部我喜欢的小说!!!!但我知道我会的。K.A.Tucker has become one of my most favorite authors ever.我与她的每一本书(和女主角)都有着深刻的联系,我觉得我真的在生活。I love her "voice",她讲故事的风格是如此的[…]

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S.C.Stephens – Furious Rush Series Reading Order

September 5,2018

S.C.STEPHENS ALERT!!Queen of angsty romance has a new series out and book #3 is up for preorder.Some in our book crew are absolutely LOVING them!!P.S.These MUST be read in order.Jean: Finished Furious Rush over the weekend.Really liked it.Kept waiting for something really big…..then BAM!在98%它[…]

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Reader Question – The book about the girl that was using the guy's family's bourbon in her recipes & they can't stand each other.

July 19,2018

Randi needs our book help!我爱书的时候,主要人物不能站在对方。All that push-pull (mostly pushing).太紧张了!!她问:嗨,玛丽,德赢vwin手机找一本我刚刚读过的书的书名,但现在在我的Kindle上找不到。德赢vwin手机它设在新奥尔良。

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很多人要求这个名单,哦,天哪,我们有什么建议吗?!!!没有什么比缓慢燃烧更好的了。那…真正的生活焦虑和渴望,OR surprise realization,that you have fallen deeply in love with the love of your life.And he 德赢vwin手机just happens to be your very best friend.Tracie: I 德赢vwin手机just finished "Bad at [...]

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Book Review – Birthday Girl by Penelope Douglas


生日女孩<-另一个史诗结尾,几乎完成了整个焦虑的节日。Oh the forbidden love of it all!!!Forbidden… but within socially "accepted" measures.德赢vwin手机Just… still… plenty to be judged by (and TICK certain people off by).但它有所有的蝴蝶,把你的Kindle*扔出去,哦,我的宝贝。HOT.HOT.[…]

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February 17,2018

<— ONE OF OUR SLOW-BURN infuriating favorites!!!!如果你喜欢克里斯汀·阿什利或玛丽安娜·扎帕塔的愤怒的阿尔法男性,你会喜欢的!这张是我2017年最佳单子,and I want more!And our fellow book lovers agree!卡拉:你读过P.Dangelico?!如果你没有,I [...]

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书评-亲爱的Aaron,作者:Mariana Zapata

January 20,2018

Dear Aaron Sweet and slow and serene.另一个爱情故事从缓慢燃烧的浪漫女王之间的一切!我简直受不了她!This one had me SO excited.我喜欢这个前提。She was a pen pal for a military hero that was still on duty,他们每[…]

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Mariana Zapata – The Kulti Series

November 18,2017

THIS IS A FIVE STAR SERIES MY FRIENDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!的。WHOLE.事情!可以,to be fair,这并不是所谓的“Kulti”系列(事实上,each book can be read as a standalone,but they all tie in together so cleverly – and I'd personally recommend reading them in order),作者已确认

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